Training Schedule

Annual Training Schedule

The School of Kendo trains once a day for 2 hours. On Saturdays training occurs in the morning, and on the Sundays which are not directly before a tournament there is no training. On Wednesdays there is no training for female students, who instead can choose to study Sado (Tea Ceremony), Kado (Flower Arrangement), or Syodo (Calligraphy).

Training Schedule
(Subject to changes):   
Weekdays: 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Saturdays: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM (9:00-10:00 on open campus days)
Sundays: No Training

Important Dates and Events

April Freshman Welcome Training
May Kanto Kendo Student Championship Series (Individual)
Kanto Kendo Women's Student Championship Series (Individual)
Chiba-ken Spring Kendo Tournament
July All Japan Kendo Student Championship Series
All Japan Kendo Women's Student Championship Series
August Training Resumes
September Kanto Kendo Student Championships (Group)
Kanto Kendo Woman's Student Championships (Group)
October All Japan Kendo Student Championships
Chiba-ken Fall Kendo Tournament
November All Japan Kendo Women's Student Championships
Kanto Kendo Student Newcomer Tournament (Group)
Kanto Kendo Woman's Newcomer Tournament
December All Japan Kendo Student Open Tournament
January Winter Training. Alumni Meeting
March Graduation
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